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Before, or after the pause, you must let the customer know that you were listening and that you’re considering their concern; acknowledge. Then question the objection to understand the real issue. Agent demonstrations of these skills. Now you must isolate the objection to see if there are any more and determine what is the real issue. Be sure you uncover all the concerns before you even think about answering. Seinfeld example: gets blood out of your clothing. Sample questions for isolating the objection. Agent demonstrations of the PAID process. Great pause by Tammy Fadler! Discover; the process of questioning their position and probing for the basis of their objection. Help the customer resolve their own issues. Example of isolating the objections on an

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Three attitudes of resistance: Objection, Doubt and Indifference. How to respond differently to each. The purpose of Discovery is to determine their attitude so when you proceed to the Answer step, you’ll respond properly. Answering objections. Even when you do have to answer, phrase it as a question and ask them to resolve the issue first. Lead them to the answer. Techniques for creating specific answers. Reduce it to difference in time or money rather than addressing the entire amount. Agent demonstrations of answering objections. Final exercise that really makes the point that you almost never have to answer an objection; “What didn’t you like about the last home you bought?”

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In today's market there is a wide disparity between sellers' expectations of value and the current reality. Confronting a seller with this requires preparation, empathy and finesse. In part 1 of this video, you'll hear the behind-the-scenes expectations of the seller and top agent Jeff Scislow. Listen to the seller pre-interview to learn their motivations, then in the next videos, watch Jeff uncovers these same concerns. NOTE: In March 2015 I met with Jeff. He didn't get this listing during this video and the sellers listed four or five more times at higher prices. Now, years later Jeff got the listing again and sold it in a week for $50,000 less than what he quoted on this listing. The sellers, by now, were actually happy to have it sold.

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Instead of jumping to an answer to an objection, follow a process first. First, anticipate and prepare for objections. Most objections in real estate are known so you should never be surprised. Divulge weakness early and bring up the objection first. The P.A.I.D. process: Pause, Acknowledge, Isolate and Discover. Pause, the most important first step. Avoid the push-back response and let the customer deal with it first. Agent demonstrations of pausing after all of his buyer’s objections. Finally they start answering their own concerns! This is great.

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UPDATED (October 2016): Too many agents lead with price on a listing presentation. If you lead with price, you’ll lose with price. You must separate these discussions by presenting marketing first and saving price until last. No, the sellers don’t want it this way, but after this session, you’ll be able to use this method. See a sample presentation of five key pricing charts from The Pricing Illustrator† to begin every listing or pricing presentation.

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You must begin with the Need in mind; Need Satisfaction Selling. NFB Selling: Need-Feature-Benefit. How to establish trust and rapport. Agent demonstrations of the first meeting of a listing presentation; opening and rapport. Key questions to ask to determine the seller’s motivation. Open vs. Closed questions. Agent demonstrations of conducting seller counseling interviews.

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All listing decisions are emotional so you must be able to probe beneath their reasons to their motivation. You must also determine who is a real seller now. This is the basis of EVERYTHING you will do with sellers from now on. List of Dominant Motivations. Difference between a reason and a motivation. Agent demonstrations of asking “why” based questions to get to motivation. If you want to get a listing or win a competitive listing situation, the sellers will actually tell you what to do to get their listing...if you ask the right questions. Question to learn their expectations of a real estate agent. Key questions to ask sellers. Agent demonstrations of probing seller expectations. If you know the seller’s expectation of value and price, you can…
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Your open house produced a list of prospects. Now what? In this live seminar to a group of Atlanta subscribers, David describes effective ways of reaching out to convert these leads to buyers and listings. You've already put the effort into conducting an open house, now make it pay off.

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Rapport is the first step to a successful prospecting call, a presentation or any relationship. Learn how to consciously apply the seven basic steps of establishing that early comfort in your transactions. This video will show you how to be the person that clients seek out. A great competitive advantage!

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The most important skill of selling is ASKing, not talking. In this updated version of our popular Knox First Tuesday video, you will learn the specific questions that determine which prospect is most likely to be a customer or client. Hear messages and methods for contacting your sphere of influence, avoid the two key mistakes when asking for referrals and replace them with the two key questions.

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