Commission Objections

Posted by Christopher Audette on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 12:09pm.

Commission objections are the most difficult of all real estate situations. In this session you will learn how to apply the process and provide specific answers. Absolute vs. comparative commission objections. “Negotiability” of commissions...doesn’t mean you have to cut. When you cut your fee, you do not make it up in volume; mathematical exercise. Fairness in charging your fee. Value Added selling: overwhelm your sellers with service, value and competence. Position of strength and pride in your value. Must be willing to walk away. Role play demonstration of closing the seller and being hit with a commission objection, then going on to sell value. Comparative objections; when your competitor charges less. Convert the commission objection to a net equity objection. One of the best role play demonstrations on using the pause on a commission objection. Post-listing commissionectomy; when they bring up the objection at the offer presentation. Story: “Knowing where to tap.”

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