Objections: Acknowledge, Isolate, Discover

Posted by Christopher Audette on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 12:15pm.

Before, or after the pause, you must let the customer know that you were listening and that you’re considering their concern; acknowledge. Then question the objection to understand the real issue. Agent demonstrations of these skills. Now you must isolate the objection to see if there are any more and determine what is the real issue. Be sure you uncover all the concerns before you even think about answering. Seinfeld example: gets blood out of your clothing. Sample questions for isolating the objection. Agent demonstrations of the PAID process. Great pause by Tammy Fadler! Discover; the process of questioning their position and probing for the basis of their objection. Help the customer resolve their own issues. Example of isolating the objections on an offer presentation. Example of the game “Password” as a way of getting your customers to answer their own concern. Agent demonstrations of the Discover technique.

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