Seller Counseling: Motivations, Expectations, Readiness to List

Posted by Christopher Audette on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 at 12:12pm.

All listing decisions are emotional so you must be able to probe beneath their reasons to their motivation. You must also determine who is a real seller now. This is the basis of EVERYTHING you will do with sellers from now on. List of Dominant Motivations. Difference between a reason and a motivation. Agent demonstrations of asking “why” based questions to get to motivation. If you want to get a listing or win a competitive listing situation, the sellers will actually tell you what to do to get their listing...if you ask the right questions. Question to learn their expectations of a real estate agent. Key questions to ask sellers. Agent demonstrations of probing seller expectations. If you know the seller’s expectation of value and price, you can structure accordingly. Agent demonstrations of asking opinion of value. Now you must test whether they’re ready to list with you. Before you present your CMA, you must know whether they’re going to hire you. This will also bring out any objections they have so you can address them.

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