To let you know... We're different than most real estate services. We work to ensure that your homeownership will have a solid foundation that goes deeper than just price and functionality. We take our jobs as your trusted advisor very seriously.

5 Things you need to review:
What you can expect from me
What I need from you
The agency roles in
The most common mistake buyers make
2 Essential tools to make your search easier

Trust me to act in your best interest!

Main Content Inline Small I pledge to provide you with professional, courteous service in helping you find the right property.

  • Provide a private consultation and Key Core Needs Analysis as well as your financial criteria, household requirements, etc.
  • Help you find the RIGHT HOME and at the RIGHT PRICE.
  • Scour and filter the agent MLXchange database, which may include those listed with our office and those offered through other real estate companies.
  • Explain real estate procedures, details and procedures.
  • Monitor all closing activities as permitted by law or local practice upon acceptance of an offer between you and the seller.
  • Keep you well informed throughout the entire real estate purchase process. Mandating our 93 Point Due-Diligence Checklist.
  • Comply with the fiduciary and legal duties of an Agent in a Client Relationship with you. Including but not limited to Undivided Loyalty, Confidentiality, Full Disclosure, Lawful Obedience, Reasonable Care and Skill and Full Accounting.

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I Need a few things from you too!

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  1. Be open, up-front, honest and loyal to and with me. In essence, work with me, so I can do the best job for you possible.
  2. If you aren't happy or want to work with another agent, just let me know, you've decided to move in another direction.
  3. Go to open houses, search the listings, drive neighborhoods! If you see something you like, want to view, or even place an offer on... CALL ME FIRST.
  4. HAVE FUN!

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The role of Agency!

There are (In essence) 3 roles that the agency relationship takes:

Sole Agency
Dual Agency or Transaction Brokerage
Typical Arrangement
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Get Pre-Approved for a mortgage amount!

The biggest and most common mistake we as agents see, and have the toughest time expressing to clients is the need to get pre-approved. Since the American housing crash, The BMO fiasco and the new changes to the mortgage rules, you NEED to move as far along the process as possible.

2 Essential Ongoing Buyers Tools!

blue_arrow_17 SEARCH THE ® It's important that you stay knowledgeable and active in the process.

blue_arrow_17 FETCH - New listings How To Beat Out Other Buyers to Hot New Listings.

Here to Help.

Buying a property is an adventure and a significant investment. We're going to be presenting a lot of information to help you, but like most information, it's only a "road map" to the territory. You should consider talking over your own individual requirements with Christopher. I would be happy to answer your questions in more detail and provide you with appropriate advice on a no-obligation basis. Call me at 403.465.0060 or Read My Bio