For immediate release- May 1 2021

2021 Winner for Best Real Estate Ad - Internet Advertising Competition

“Puppy Promotes Property” Wins IAC Best Real Estate Ad Award

Recently, The Web Marketing Association (WMA) announced the winners of their prestigious  Internet Advertising Competition (IAC). The IAC recognized The Group™ at Re/Max First with The Best Real Estate Ad for theirReal Estate Website, withProperty Marketing andLifestyle Video. The Best Real Estate Ad was awarded to a property listing site with a focus on a puppy “Eddie” as the lead character. The campaign was orchestrated by Daryl Crawford of InTheHood, Jesse Bobyn of 38 Water Street Photography, and Christopher Audette of The Group™ at Re/Max First.

(Calgary, CA May 2021) The Group™ at Re/Max First alongside InTheHood, and 38 Water Street Photography recently got an award as contributors to IAC Best Real Estate Ad Award. The Ad was a case of a man's best friend working for them as the main focus of the AD was that of a puppy. 

The winners moved the IAC judges with the touching imagery and simplicity used to produce the video. Daryl Crawford mentioned the exclusive use of an iPhone and grass route techniques in the creation of the video element.

The Group™ at Re/Max First is a real estate marketing team and the Ad was part of their marketing for the owners personal residence. The company is always looking for effective ways to advertise real estate listings. Being that this was not a clients property they had a lot of leeway to try something new, different and creative, and it paid off in spades. 

The Group™ collaborated with InTheHood to create an inspiring and award-winning ad. The award is prestigious and in previous years has been won by several giants in the field. Past winners include:


  • 2020 Keller Williams Headquarters 
  • 2019 Sotheby's Realty International Canada, 
  • 2019 Commercial
  • 2019 National Association of REALTORS®

The award usually has some big names in its nominees.

This year’s winning campaign of the IAC Real Estate Marketing Award shares something different in the ad campaign. There is a simple but touching lifestyle aspect to the property marketing. The campaign shows marketing beyond the  inside of four walls and pulls in the living breathing elements that make a house a home. 

The video element used man's best friend, a puppy named Eddie, and an iPhone camera to capture it all. Simplicity was the order of the day, but the message was deep and well-received by the people. Chris Audette was all in to cast his dog Eddie as the lead star in the advertisement. Daryl quips with a smile that the whole situation was a Daryl Vs. Goliath scenario in winning this award alongside big budgets and ad agencies working for big name brands.

IAC Marketing Award Winners join a group of elite organizations. The winners of the 2021 categories include *Geico, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Hyundai, The Weather Channel, Lysol, BMW, *Monster Beverage, Petco, Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker, *UPS, Visa Infinite Dining,, Walgreens, HP. There are several big-name organizations on that list and the winners of the IAC Real Estate Marketing Award feel honored to be part of the group. (*Award winners for multiple categories).

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