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Use the free resources in our Seller tools area to help you finde the market value of your property, find a Marketing expert, and more.

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Discover the secret to a home that shows better, sells faster, and earns a higher price.
  • Strategic Pricing.
  • Showhome Staging.
  • Effective Marketing.

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  Research real estate market trends.

The best indicator of housing price trends is current home sales. The Calgary Real Estate Board and Edmonton Real Estate Board both prepare monthly statistical reports to help agentS® assess market trends and ensure that homebuyers are getting the best value for their money

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  Find your homes fair market value. For a basic ideaof a price range for your home, view a list of recent home sales in your community.  

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For an accurate personalized estimateof your homes fair market value with tips and advice on how to maximize that price choose this option.

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